Remove tracking of data from ClassicPress sites

As discussed in slack (about woocommerce tracking users sensible data) I would like to see removed unecessary data tracking from ClassicPress, such as:

I think we can just collect statistical data needed for serving updates/troubleshooting, in an anonymous way.

Also I would like to see the enforcing of rules limiting data plugins can collect.

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Author: Elisabetta Carrara (Emc2)

Vote count: 33

Status: Completed (1.4.0)


I’m happy to remove these two specific values (blog and user count) at any time. We don’t need them, and the queries that generate these numbers can actually be very slow on large sites.

I agree with @james on this. Removing these 2 data points can be a good step to complete this petition.


There is a PR now to remove $blogs and $users from being reported to the ClassicPress sever. This has been scheduled for version 1.4.0. The petition status is planned now.


Thanks for this.
I forgot I even proposed this change in a petition.
And now it is going to be implemented.
And now more than ever it makes sense with all the upcoming gdpr new restrictions about data and consent.


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1.4.0 shipped. So this petition has been completed and will close.


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