Remove 'wp-' from files and directories

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Author: Yannick

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And I thought the “wisdom of WordPress development” as far as themes and plugins were concerned, was to NOT use hard-coded paths to those folders, but to use the provided functions for referencing those folders?

Seems to me that IF those plugins and themes were developed, using hard-coded paths instead of the provided functions to return those path-values, then perhaps they weren’t really very-well thought out after all?

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That’s the problem. Themes and plugins can be written by anyone, and are often not well thought out. Some values don’t have a corresponding function, such as wp-config.php or wp-load.php and lots of files in wp-admin that plugins might load themselves to get some functionality (one case is media upload from front end).

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I also tried the provided/suggested constants for changing location/names of the wp-contents folder (and related), but apparently,

This also stopped any of the plugins and themes from being shown on the admin control panel. - Guess these constants weren’t even completely integrated in the WP core - as far as administration panel, etc?

It wouldn’t take much to replace all instances of hard-coded areas to the original folders - which are called AFTER wp-config.php is loaded - with the defined constants. There again, I have not taken the opportunity to fully explore all of the codebase. Time being the limiting factor.