Rename wp-login.php by Ella van Durpe does not support v4 / CP

It is a light-weight plugin.
Any suggestions for a replacement?

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I normally use WPS Hide Login. I believe it should be OK on ClassicPress.


Yes, WPS Hide Login works with ClassicPress.

However, the plugin does not redirect to the page you choose when entering /wp-login.php and simply gives a 404 error. It does redirect to your page for /wp-admin/

The solution I used was to create a 301 redirect in cPanel. It then does what it should. Alternatively, hard code the redirect in the .htaccess file.

You will still get people trying to login via XML-RPC, so you will need something like WPBruiser to disable that.


In my case, since my sites do not require non-admin logins, I simply added an IP protection to /wp-login.php. As to XML-RPC, I just unhooked it via .htaccess.


I’ve previously used for wp-config, which does not seem to work with CP?