Replacement or alternative to MailPoet

CC site running nicely, so no problems there, thank you for the earlier help.
I have used MailPoet previously but this in now WP 5+
As a temporary arrangement I am running a separate installation of WP in parallel with CP just for the email shots.
Is there a better arrangement that anyone would recommend not necessarily for this site but for future usage?

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I was a MailPoet user. Now, I am looking for a replacement too. From what I hear, Mailster is the best alternative, but no commitment to continue to support WP 4.9 too. It’s on my to-do list to buy a license ant test, and to try to obtain a commitment from developers to support ClassicPress.

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Have you looked at Subscribe2? I’ve forked it for ClassicPress and my premium version (Subscribe2 HTML) will continue to support WordPress and ClassicPress as I personally use both.


I have down loaded it. I’ll install it and see if it does what I want.
How are the emails sent, with MailPoet it is using their mail server.
Some of the domains I have, have a problem sending to Microsift email addresses, (hotmail, live, outlook), no problem with other addresses

Subscribe2 sends using the web server or via any other plugin that links to the core wp_mail() function.

So it can with via authenticated SMTP with plugins like Configure SMTP for example and also plugins that push emails via an API, like Sendgrid, Mailgun, and Mandrill.

I looked into this about 6 months ago and found that using the Easy WP SMTP plugin combined with MailGun was the best solution for me.

I’m also using a small program I “forked” to log emails. It has been added to the CP research plugins but early days yet so no guarantees.

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