Reply by email


I received a forum notification email that included a note saying I had to visit the topic to respond. Just wondering if there’s an option to reply-by-email option? I can’t find a preference to enable it.


There may be a Discourse plugin for this. At the moment this is a question for @wadestriebel.


Ah, ok… I went over the settings like 4 times before asking. It’s always so embarrassing when something is hidden right in plain sight. :slight_smile:


That would be nice, I will look into this :slight_smile:


It is possible, just not simple to set up:

Backend settings:


I’m not looking to add more work to anyone’s plate. Maybe just file this one under “nice to have”. :slight_smile:


Haha no worries, there are a few plugins I am getting ready to launch so I can take a look at this next week :slight_smile:

Next plugin I would like enabled is the Perspective API… soon!


That looks super cool! The entire internet (at least the comments sections) should be running that.