Reporting a cosmetic bug in the login module

I wasn’t sure where I was to report this “bug”, as I don’t have a GitHub account (and no intention of starting one - being that I do CodeBerg instead).

I also provide an easy “fix” for it too.

The problem:

The Login page apparently has an HTML formatting error - that I traced to the wp-login.php file itself.


It seems I have no way of uploading the two screenshots I have done - to illustrate the problem, and the proposed “fix” for it.


The problem appears in the login footer section of the page. (Pasted clip of footer HTML follows.)

        <p id="backtoblog"><a href="http://afws.home/">
        &larr; Go to A Fresh Web Solution

        <div class="clear"></div>

The above clipping is missing a “” and a “

” - thus, the browser source viewer highlights part of the following HTML in red (one or more HTML errors).

I have found fixing the problem by patching the missing HTML close-tags in “wp-login.php” @ line number 224 - by adding the missing tags at the end of the line of code. (Right after the “?>” tag.)

This fixed the HTML formatting problem - and cleared up any remaining HTML errors in the view-source.

Hope this helps a bit?

ClassicPress really rocks, and has so far - never crashed on me after an update, as WordPress has done quite a few times!

Please keep up the good work! :slight_smile:



Guess the posting did not like that? ? ?

The additions were the “close-anchor” and a “close-paragraph” tag, appended to line 224 in “wp-login.php”.

I think here we need to tag @viktor and also a question: do we report this bug to WP also proposing a fix once we have it fixed?
And is it too late to include it 1.5 release?

I think this code was changed in CP, different to WP.
I opened PR 1185 for this: add missing end tags for the Go to site link and paragraph by joyously · Pull Request #1185 · ClassicPress/ClassicPress · GitHub


Thanks for reporting @jssmith and @joyously for quick PR :+1:

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