Revert to WP

I noticed a weird issue with the latest CP update and Divi and am testing a dummy site now.

Tommy could you please list the steps you took to revert from CP back to WP just in case?

The one pushed out today?

I just delete all the files in the directory except:

  1. “.htaccess” file
  2. “wp-content” folder
  3. “wp-config” file
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Yep, the one just pushed out today. It’s a dummy site that I use for testing, it’s got Divi and Extra on it, using Divi.

When I updated I noticed the layout is the bare-bones basic blogger type layout and not the layout that is actually saved and displaying in the backend or editor or preview. I have to check all the settings, but that shouldn’t be working that way - and I’ve got several client sites on CP so I don’t want them going bonkers.

Tommy, pardon the question, but just to make sure…you’re talking about going into the website’s C Panel, going to wherever these would be in that C Panel and doing it there or are you using FTP? Either way what you see should be the same depending on host and C Panel…

I just updated a few sites to newest CP no issues…and with Divi, I know there are bugs, so may be the theme.

Ya, cPanel or FTP.

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Yeah, Divi does have bugs, usually related to code bloat…but I don’t want client sites breaking or them freaking out and calling me 100 times.

I’ll get into it with Blue Host later and see if I can revert this site back to WP. I’m thinking it should restore it back to 4.8 or 4.9, then update WP first, then Divi and it should be amenable. But, this is a process I need to test out several times to iron it out. Can’t be updating CP only to have Divi sites breaking - if that’s what is happening.

Alternative (if you have the latest version):

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Voltaire I have several sites on Divi and am building one with Extra right now, so I’m interested to hear what you find out – thanks for doing this testing.

@voltaire and @BlueSkyPhoenix moving that convo to here: Divi Bugs with latest update

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