Divi Bugs with latest update

Some observations on the update thus far:

  • Also, noticed a weird thing that I’m testing…seems as though (using Divi) what I see in the Editor is the Divi layout but when I look at the “live” site it shows only the very basic WP blogger layout. I just noticed this…so have not had time to test out yet why this is happening. It’s a dummy site that I will leave up if anyone wants to look at it: developersmonthly.com. Using latest version of CP and Divi - but it does not seem that Divi works with the latest update any longer.

@voltaire how should this look instead? Can you post a screenshot of the expected layout?

I think that the defined front page somehow was changed(changing themes can do this). Check in Settings-> reading if you have there a specific page or if it’s the latest posts option.


This is a comparison of the official hompepage and the home page of the top menu.


There arent any javascript errors in the console so I would say that Divi isn’t the problem.


Assign a blog page for your posts, give it any name - but NOT ‘Home’, your configuration is on 'Homepage displays; ‘Your latest posts’ now. Assign ‘Home’ as ‘Homepage’, after.


Testing each page and post now. Could just be an error in settings since it’s a dummy site.

Also, check your Primary Menu from the header. Be sure that the Primary Menu it’s really assigned (means really already exist a Primary Menu). Let inside the menu just the useful pages,links, categories,etc. (don’t double them). Don’t forget to save (!) it, after. I think now it will work.

I went back into the site, and since it’s a dummy site it was never set up to represent a business client so the pages were not updated and so on. After I updated the settings it seemed okay.

I update a larger site with more plugins later on and while it did show some very odd scripts before I could take screenshots, it did also update. So far, so good. I’ll update another site tomorrow - most have multiple plugin updates so I want to update plugins first, then Divi, then CP and want to test it out on one or two demo/dummy sites first.

Yes, I went back and went through all the settings one by one and it was a settings issue.

I later updated a larger site with many more plugins and I did get a weird script error page but was not able to get a screenshot or trace it to a specific plugin yet. So I’ll update another demo site tomorrow, starting with plugins, then Divi, then CP, one by one.


Great @voltaire. Keep us posted if you find something.

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Marking this resolved, if you find anything else please start a new thread for each specific issue and include screenshots / detailed error messages.

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Agreed James.

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