Reviewers for New Plugin Mixmat TSW

If anyone has time to test out a plugin it would be much appreciated. Plugin name is Mixmat TSW. You can get the zip at GitHub - tradesouthwest/mixmat-tsw: Mixmat Page Mixer gives editors an easy way to sectionalize the posts and pages without knowing CSS or HTML.

I am trying to see if my method of using HTML is better than using shortcodes for a page builder. I am hoping to create ‘something’ simple enough that will make people more likely to use HTML in the tinymce editor. Much discussion could be made about HTML vs. shortcodes. My premise is, “…why bother having to auto insert shortcodes into editor when that takes up more javascript and other resources. I am hoping a person could get quickly use to copy paste some preset divs and enjoy building pages this way.”

There are only four divs to work with right now but this is a concept for now which, it would be great to get feedback on.


Added a new method for adding columns as an auto insert button function. So I removed the old method of using HTML divs and replaced with tinymce getContent. The biggest issue I have now is removing white space and empty lines between divs.

Also the cursor plants itself at the top of the content editor textarea box instead of planting itself on the last-known place user is editing. So I need to figure out how to resolve this cusor to stay in focus where it was last sitting before a new editor.execCommand('mceReplaceContent') is executed.

Well, I would like to have a look at it, I think the Html approach is useful as a complement to the UpFront framework. This has a PageBuilder function included, but that is not always the most optimal solution, your plugin sounds exciting in this regard.
I’ll follow you on GitHub then too

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I can backport the HTML version if you would like to see how it works. But I recently decided against copy/paste of html divs into Text mode tab of editor over using a timymce insertContent parser using javascript. It seems to be more intuitive for users.

Maybe I should make two versions: mixmat-tsw-html and mixmat-tsw-columns, maybe.

The version on Github is the tinymce script that inserts columns wherever the mouse carat is at.

The biggest hurdle is getting the cursor to land in the right spot when using the arrows keys to navigate the tinymce textarea…