Revisions handling for drafts

following a discussion about a bug affecting draft visibility in the dashboard held in slack channel #community, and subsequent GitHub issue 250 (Revision handling for drafts · Issue #250 · ClassicPress/ClassicPress · GitHub), I propose the development of a better way to handle drafts revisions.
In WP, drafts were a minor part of publishing experience back in the days when blogging started to be a mass phenomenon, it was useless having drafts stored in the dashboard for long. Now writers desire more control over what they write and posts are stored as drafts while crafting them, sometimes for months. This petition is aimed to allow people relying on drafts without data loss in an organized way, and hopefully solving also the bug originating the discussion in the process.

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Author: Elisabetta Carrara (Emc2)

Vote count: 4

Status: open

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@ElisabettaCarrara this is your petition. Has anything changed since you created this petition?

I am still convinced that we can do more with drafts, fact is this petition has gained no traction, so it’s clear that I am the only one to think drafts are important.
I guess we can close it.