Security first user options

Following the new upcoming security page for plugins.

I personally thought we can remove “liability” to CP by allowing users choose the updates for their CP installations. We have had debates on this idea via the forums and having options that can be turned on/off would work well for those without the skills but desire to have them off/on by utilizing the security page. This could be a sub page or navigation tab called “ClassicPress Updates” or “Core Updates”.

If we could make a simple toggle button to turn on automatic updates in the different categories like minor and major so that commands like

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE' , true );
define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE' , 'minor' );

are set up in the wp-config.php to avoid messing up the configs for non-techies. Or even set up for minor updates to be auto turned on. This could solve the issue of who has the decision about updates.

What are your thoughts? Should we make this a petition for a near release that CP dev team would put into consideration basing on the intensity of the workload?


We’ve had a lot of conversations about this before; basically, because we use semver there’s no point in exposing these settings.

Quoting from the thread you linked:

You can read the full reply which explains why we take this position.