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over the past 2 weeks I tested some of the proposed SEO plugins. The results for two of them are not good:
SEOPress - I lost 1 week for correcting Yoast transferred SEOs, changing site maps to Google, translation, and more. The last two updates (3.3.11 and 3.3.10) brought only bugs. In them, the keyword analysis does not work with CP 1.0.0 rc1. I do not know if it’s worth waiting for another update before deleting this plug-in.
SEO Framefork - I do not like the user interface. An additional plug-in plug-in for Yoast SEO data must be installed, and not all of it has been properly transferred.

I have 2 questions:

  1. What are the real impressions of Rank Math from those of you who have migrated to him? Does it worry you the requirement for account registration?
  2. What do you think about the ability to develop your own SEO module for ClassicPress? I think this will be critical to attracting new users.
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Is Yoast Toast?

Rank Math is a very good plugin, after about a month of testing, I migrated all my sites this week.

You can use RM without registration, in this case, you just lose “SEO Analysis” function, which is not crucial and looks like a premium feature.

Anyway, my observation about Rank Math devs attitude is good, so my worries about registering is quite low. You can install without registration and register later, if you want.


I agree with Linas, Rank Math is a very good plugin and the devs are very helpful in support. As an extra note, I made an account, and it’s really not that big a deal. You can use the same account on all your sites, so you really only have to deal with it once.

If you have sites still running on beta2 you might need a small fix for a small issue with the rank math login, but in rc1 that has been fixed in CP itself.


My personal opinion.

I have tested both SEO Framework and RankMath, and while I liked the simplicity of SEO Framework I have concerns about long term support for CP sites.

For RankMath, I was initially also put of by the requirement of an account so I just skipped that step in the onboarding process and haven’t looked back. Their prompts to get an account are unobtrusive and I safely ignore them while gaining great value out of everything else.


I like SEO Framework so far. I love how simple it is to use, everything on one page instead of spread out on a bunch of different screens. I tried Rank Math and it seemed too intimidating; I also didn’t like having to make an account and start getting a bunch of e-mails I didn’t want. :stuck_out_tongue:


Developer of The SEO Framework expressed, that he didn’t interested to support CP. So, The SEO Framework is out of the game.

You can use Rank Math without registration, just skip this step. Although, until now I didn’t received any email from them, hope that this will continue.


The SEO Framework developer said we are “free to modify and distribute it as pertained under the GPLv3 license.”

I plan to stick with it and–if it stops working properly–I can download an earlier version from Github.


I have development with SEOPress.
I’ve contacted the plugin author. He corrects the bugs. There was a problem with the keywords written in Cyrillic.


I’m looking at The SEO Framework with a view of doing a hard fork to CP SEO Framework.

I need to weigh up the pros and cons so lets what may come!


I started using RankMath, but I am not a fan to be honest. Not because the connection that is not explained nor necessary, but also the interface and everything else is just… lacking.

Tried All In One SEO, but they need to do something about the UI, otherwise they will die a sudden death.

I used to like The SEO Framework, but have seen problems appearing on several, more complex sites, and the developer was very forthcoming in the beginning, but seems to be not so much anymore in recent years.

I am now trying out SEOPress and I like what I see so far. Haven’t tested it rigorously yet, so will update this once I know more.


I’ve started switching my clients to Rank Math, but I’m starting to see some odd behavior on some of my sites, so I’m still testing. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the SEO Framework and dislike All in One SEO; maybe SEOPress is one to try next.

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What specific things do people want out of an SEO plugin?

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Sitemap and control over what goes into it. Schema. Control over how the site shows up on Google/Facebook/Twitter etc.


Google’s criteria are constantly changing, and almost every site uses a SEO plug-in. I do not think the SEO plug-in’s analysis is good to change often and seriously.
For me a good SEO plug-in should offer:
1.Correct keywords analysis, based on proven criteria that are likely to remain valid for long.
2.Sitemaps and control over them.
3.Meta title and meta description
4.Search engines Verification
5.Improved data security and good practice for reducing bugs.
6. Good user interface with triple indication: green (improves ranking), yellow (does not change the ranking), red (damage to the ranking).

I still believe that we can only have real security when these features are delivered by ClassicPress (of course they must be able to be disabled for those who want to use an external plug-in).


That sounds pretty much like Yoast… I’m sticking with it until an equally robust option surfaces.


There are too much to be done in the Core, that for the next few years is far better to focus on the development there, than a new SEO plugin.


Okay, I tried Rank Math again. I guess my issues must have mostly been with problems connecting my site to my account. Now that that’s been fixed with the new CP, things went a lot smoother. I like SEO Framework but Rank Math has more features, so I’ll see how it works.

Another thing to note: Looking at my Search Console tools, I see that my impressions JUMPED right after I switched to SEO Framework. hmmmm


Another thing to note: Looking at my Search Console tools, I see that my impressions JUMPED right after I switched to SEO Framework. hmmmm

Please tell us more :slight_smile:


Well that’s pretty much it, except that my impressions are rebounding since they fell off a cliff after WP 5.0 came out. They have dips and peaks but the general trend is upward.

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OK thanks!