SEOPress no longer compatible with ClassicPress

See title.

SEOPress 5.x now uses core methods that are only available in WP 5.x (specifically WP_Screen::is_block_editor), despite claiming compatibility with WP 4.7 on their repo page.

I have a Pro subscription so have reached out to support, I’ll update this thread when I have news.


That’s not good. I also have Pro and use it on one CP site. I messaged before about supporting CP, a year or so ago. Let’s see what he says. Hopefully he’ll fix it and keep it compatible with 4.9.

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I still think CP ought to have some of these newer functions (or the migration plugin should supply them), so that there aren’t fatal errors.

There’s actually a discussion about shims plugin, that we may get soon.

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Anything wrong with Classic Seo?
I am using my own solution which works just fine on CP, so I did never test Classic SEO, but I believe CP main site uses it, if I am not wrong.
Might be worth looking into it

Also, since it is a tad offtopic I added a discussion here about the main problematic I see here.

Classic SEO lost its lead developer earlier this year and so I’m wary of it until that is rectified. There have been no commits since March.

It’s also based on Rank Math which uses a huge amount of obfuscated JS in the back end, making it difficult to investigate problems.

Even though SEOPress isn’t coded particularly well, the code is at least easy to understand and I like the admin UX compared to other SEO plugins.

I even started writing my own but client work is taking all my time these days.

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If I’m not mistaken, we were able to get source files from RankMath team.I remember seeing discussion about this either here or Slack. Not sure if it ever made to the repo.

Wouldn’t it save you time to pick up dev on Classic SEO? Just a thought :grin:

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Not as far as I can see.

LOL - see the rest of my sentence. I also don’t like working on other people’s code. It makes me want to rewrite it and then suddenly I’ve lost several days…


I agree with that. Taking existing code and maintaining it, unless blunt easy simple code, is a nightmare.
Same nightmare as maintaining forks of existing plugins (or themes).

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With limited resources, forks are faster and easier to get out the door. Refactoring or building something new can be left for a future version. Plus, you can learn from forks. What works and what doesn’t work.

@zigpress if you decide to build an SEO plugin for ClassicPress and WordPress, we’ll be happy to help test it and offer any help we can.

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SEOPress said:

We have opened an issue on our Github account about this.
However, the more time passes, the more chance we have that we will increase the minimum WP version required to at least v5.
ETA: next minor update.

I think that means ETA for a fix.

So hopefully we’ll be able to carry on using it for a little while at least. At least they’re being up front about their point of view.

Well, it exists and is available for download. It works fine and I use it on some non-critical sites. It just doesn’t have enough features yet to be really useful.


I am just a user(creator) always looking for ways to contribute, so I tried ZP SEO on two CP sites. Where should I post the results?? :expressionless:


Wherever you like! But probably either here or a new thread in the plugins category would be best.

Plugin Support would be the best place.

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Great, I’ll write it up and post it at plugins support. I thought maybe you would want it at Github or something, since you said it wasn’t ready yet.

SEOPress have now released 5.0.4 which has fixed the fatal error.

However, there are now other problems on the plugin’s admin pages - missing dashicons (presumably because dashicons added more icons after 5.0) and bad button styling (presumably some core admin styles were changed after 5.0).

I’ve posted those issues on my ticket so we’ll see what happens.

My gut feeling is that they won’t fix them.

Just got a quick response back from SEOPress. They’ve confirmed that cosmetic issues like icons and buttons won’t be fixed, and that WP 5.4 would be needed to resolve those issues.

They said that they can’t continue to maintain 100% perfect compatibility with older versions.

So SEOPress (in its latest version) is functionally OK with ClassicPress, but has some cosmetic issues, and my feeling is that these cosmetic issues will probably increase, version by version.

There will also come a point when SEOPress decide that keeping even functional backward compatibility is too much of a resource drain, and based on the frequency at which they release new features, I suspect that point will come fairly soon - probably within 6 months.


For the cosmetic icon stuff, we are looking into this


Revisiting this briefly…

Further SEOPress updates have caused further problems (both cosmetic and console errors), and (in my view) we’re now at the point where we can no longer use new versions (5.x) with ClassicPress. I will not be renewing my pro license.

I have one client CP site that is using a lot of SEOPress features (including schema, local business, etc) and for this site I have rolled back to SEOPress and SEOPress Pro 4.7.0 (and I’ve tweaked them so they report versions of and This has resolved all the issues.

For other CP sites that use less SEOPress features, I’m migrating them over to my own ZP SEO and am now going to try and spend more time working on the ZP SEO codebase to add the other features I need (redirects, basic schema, etc). So a full-featured ZP SEO Pro, optimised for ClassicPress, may eventually appear after all (if what I develop for my own benefit produces something that is marketable).


I still prefer placing redirects directly into the .htaccess file, which doesn’t need a plugin.