Separate installation from content

It would be nice if core files, plugins, themes and uploads respectively would be kept separate of one another - both as locations and as objects.

That would make it much easier to move servers or switch between versions in case anything goes wrong.
Several websites could share a single install. It should also make it possible to specify different log-in paths - on subdomains or even different domains.

It would probably take some amount of symlinking and hooking into the existing code to preserve backwards compatibility.

example of directory structure:

  • public_html
    – classicpress-X.1
    – classicpress-X.2
    – plugins
    – themes*
    — uploads*
    — uploads

*each with their own config.php etc.

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Author: Lucian Davidescu

Vote count: 8

Status: open


It seems like this is already handled. See the Advanced Options section of Editing wp-config over at WP.

This can be achieved using wp-config.php constants to an extent, as indicated by Joy:


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