Serious SERIOUS problem with CP 1.3.0

Yikes - after deploying CP version 1.3.0, I no longer have the same editing capabilities as I had before… can someone help me ASAP please? First attachment is the NEW version, which seems to have stripped all my buttons for “bold, links, etc.”, as shown below:

On the other installation of 1.3.0, it didn’t do that, and I still have all my buttons… can you tell me how to fix that, please?


This is not a change related to the new version. You are in Text editing mode, and you want to be in Visual editing mode instead.

There are two buttons/tabs that say Visual and Text here:

Click the one that says Visual and you should be all set.

That’s the problem, James… when I click on VISUAL, it doesn’t go there???

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Ok, got it… do you have any errors in your browser console?

It looks like you are using a plugin to change the editor. I would suspect that before core.


Ah, never mind, James… I’m not sure why, but now it goes to VISUAL mode and everything works right… I’ll keep an eye on it over the next couple of days to make sure it continues working correctly. Thanks, I guess I just had a refresh problem or something


I was confused at the screenshots shared here so I checked in my installs
This is what I see when I use text mode and I believe that is how its been since a while

How comes you folks see nothing in that toolbar when in text mode?
(nevermind the “conditional output” quicktag I have in there, that is not part of CP default)

I remember some problems with seeing text mode icons back in WordPress days…

I’m afraid I don’t remember the precise cause but I believe it was a JavaScript error caused by a plugin.

So anyone who can’t see the text mode icons could try checking the browser console for problems.

For better diagnosis: Disable all potential “issue-bringing” plugins and reactivate them one by one.

Potential candidates:

  • any kind of Page Builder (eg. Visual Composer etc.)
  • any kind of editor-enhancing plugin (eg. ACF Pro, Types, TinyMCE Advanced, etc.)
  • cache and loading speed optimization plugins, IF they are activate in the admin / backend (I’d check that first and disable that “option”, as its more or less instant detrimental)
  • if you’re using WooCommerce - any kind of add-on
  • any kind of SEO tool, eg. Yoast SEO (which is a notorious, nearly “traditional” cause of issues of all manners)

cu, w0lf.

There was indeed a plugin causing a JavaScript error. We had to turn on SCRIPT_DEBUG to find the issue: JavaScript error in v2.6.1 |

I added the workaround described on that thread into a mu-plugin and things are back to normal now.


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