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Just a quick heads up that I am awaiting a response from ServerPress (owner of the awesome Desktop Server) to my question posed to them: “What would you need to know to be persuaded to include ClassicPress in the dropdown list of WP selections withing Desktop Server?”

While I suggested and asked for an OK to do this here, via the petitions page, some time ago, I have been waiting for more dev on ClassicPress, thinking that they’ll not include, of course, until it’s production ready.

My concern with CP continues to be commerce and plug-in compats from the most popular one’s, so I’ll now mosey around and see if there’s any new news.


It would be fairly easy to just create a “blueprint” (what Desktop Server calls a “starter” site zip) for ClassicPress.

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CP works fine with Ecwid and any other eComm platform (for now). There are preferred eComm platforms of course that are more advertised and popular. But Ecwid works with Yola, PayPal, uses Amazon’s hosting and encryption and loading. So it’s as solid as any other, really. We may prefer self-hosted eComm but how many small businesses know or need self-hosted eCommerce solutions on a massive scale and can manage that? Most I’ve met prefer to outsource - they want results, not tools. And when giant global banks are being hacked daily, I would go with what can work and works and has support.

In fact, WordPress, Wix, BlueHost, are all listed as official contractors for Ecwid on their partners page.


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