Sharing our skills and areas of expertise with each other

I’ve just discovered that @klein is an SEO guy. So, if I have any need for SEO work, I know I could call on him and ask questions and maybe pass some work his way. (I also know not to make pointed comments about SEO people in public!).

But it occurred to me that we are a bunch of friendly, like-minded people who don’t really know each other’s skill-sets. Is there some way we can share this?

I know there’s a Jobs Forum but that seems like a more specific place to post a definite job proposal to the wider community (and anyone watching on). I’d actually be more interested to know who does what, so I can approach them privately, ask some questions and maybe pass some work their way.

I’m quite willing to organise/curate this but not really sure where the best place would be to make it available. I’m thinking it would be a simple list of names, slack handles, forum handles, websites URIs, skills.

Any thoughts?


It’s a good idea. Maybe adding our skills to slack profile? Listing them in a Google sheet?
Or just have a signature on forum that shows a brief sentence to summarize what we do?


Isn’t that sort of what the Meet the Community posts are for?
I personally don’t like mixing personal business with open source contribution. It introduces biases.

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I think it’s a nice idea. I agree with @joyously that the MtC posts somewhat serve this purpose, but, I think the personal interaction and “vibe” I get from real-time communication far outweighs the interview posts.

My primary areas are PHP/HTML/CSS and coming up with way more ideas than I can possibly execute. I still have to lookup docs with JS a lot of times, but, always manage to make things work. I’ve got a pretty good handle on SEO, site security and performance, and am a decent copywriter. Other randoms: voiceover, image editing, photog.

Not looking for paid work at this point, but, always willing to help with code problems (or anything I might be savvy to) in Slack or here on the forums. :slight_smile:


Yes, there is some information to be gleaned from the MTC series. A couple of problems with that though.

  1. We have only done a limited number of community members (and it will only ever be a limited number)
  2. The information is not in an easily accessible central place, so it’s not that useful as a reference.

I’m not thinking of this as any type of jobs board, or a formal place for conducting any sort of business. As Code Potent says, he’s not really looking for paid work but is happy to help with advice. And I also didn’t know all his areas of expertise, so that is now noted.


It looks like we can make use of built-in Discourse features to do this, via user groups that anyone can join (found here).

I just made one:

A few notes on how to set this up for new skills:

  • The group Name is skill-reading-code, this should be prefixed with skill- for consistency
  • The group Full Name is Skill: Reading Code, this should be prefixed with Skill: for consistency
  • I have prefixed the group description with Join this group to indicate that, I think this is also a good idea to tell people who are looking at this what it is. The description needs to be pretty short though, looks like around 18-20 words max.
  • Under Access, I’ve set Allow users to join the group freely and Allow users to leave the group freely
  • I set the Avatar Flair Image and Avatar Flair Color to fa-graduation-cap and #057f99 respectively, this should show a little graduation cap in the avatar of anyone who joins a skill group but it looks like it’s overridden by the ClassicPress logo for me. If we use this for all skill groups it will provide a nice little incentive for people to join them: “what is that and how do I get one”?
  • There are settings for “Who can @mention this group” and “Who can message this group”, I have them disabled for now but that could be something to play with in the future also.

@wadestriebel want to help with access control for this when you’re online? I imagine there is probably some way to say “trust level X can create new groups”.


Cool. This looks like it will be perfect. If @wadestriebel can give Trust Level 4 users the ability to work with this, then I’m happy to look after it.


Should be a minimum of “looking after” this way, it would just be creating new groups and making sure they stay consistent. Then people can auto-curate their skills via group memberships.

@Code_Potent I’m not sure why the little graduation cap isn’t showing up in your avatar, maybe this is something you have to pick in the user profile settings?

This is cooool! Is there a means to change these slug-like texts into display-like texts for the user profile?


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I’m guessing there’s not, since I filled in the “group full name” field which I would expect to see there too.

Once we get further along with this, I think a small Discourse plugin to add a “Skills” tab to user profiles would be in order.

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I’m also not seeing a cap on your avatar. I didn’t find anything in settings.

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Maybe it’s on a cron job to batch process them.

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I’m not seeing a way to allow a set of users to create groups, we may need to be a little more hands on.

Also, I think in the group creation it asks whether you want to force the flair, and if not then the user has to change the flair themselves - at least that’s what I remember but I haven’t tried it since :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: It was a group setting, we have to set the group to be automatically be the Primary Group in order for flairs to show up, there doesn’t seem to be a setting to allow users to choose their own.

@wadestriebel @james - Don’t waste any more time on this. It’s starting to look like there may not be much point to it.

Just listing stuff in individual user profiles seems to be the preferred option.

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If there is a way to add a skills tab to individual user profiles, I think that would be great, and would not create the expectations of a ‘skills marketplace’.


Don’t forget: our profiles also support markdown, including headings… I didn’t get too crazy with it, but, updated my profile a bit and think it works well.

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I think the way @Code_Potent has done it is probably best for now :slight_smile:


I did not reach the same conclusion from this exercise. We’re currently just missing a way to create the needed groups, which isn’t difficult to do.


It’s not really the technical aspect - I thought the solution was looking good. It’s just the perception of it seems to be getting overly complicated. If it’s going to be seen as some sort of “skills marketplace” then it’s way more than I intended.

In retrospect I probably should never have mentioned “maybe passing on a job”. I was really just wanting a way to quickly find someone who might be able to help me in some area. And to be able to scan through a list of names and think “Ah yes, Joe Bloggs… I’ve chatted to him before. I’ll ask him on Slack”.

But I guess I can just look at user profiles.


By the way, your flair looks nice. :slight_smile:

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