Shield Security cron not running

They work OK for me when triggered manually but will not run via cron. This is on 3 CP sites where all other crons (UpdraftPlus etc) are working fine.
Edit: just seen Paul’s post - will try 7.0.4 as soon as it’s released.

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Yes - I could also run them manually. Waiting for tonight to see if the auto scan works.

On another issue, can anyone else enable the “Plugins and Themes Guard”. I select enable, hit save and it greys out for a second then comes back with disabled in the box.

Edit. In fact, I can’t save any setting in the scan options. It just reverts back to default.

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Plugins and Themes Guard is a premium-only feature, and unless you have premium installed you should see a message to that effect when you hover over the setting. If you don’t see the hover message then you probably have a JavaScript error on the page somewhere, maybe caused by another plugin.

I do have a pro. Just getting them to look at it now.

This probably isn’t the ideal venue to offer this sort of support, but after investigating the issue, I can’t see why crons aren’t running beacuse I don’t have access to apache server logs.

As to the problem of JS issue, this is a server-side problem blocking requests that contain certain keywords - far beyond the control of Shield, though I’ve built a workaround for the next release so it should work regardless.

To ascertain the root cause of the problem of automated scans not running, I’d need a site that is demonstrating the issue +

  • wp admin access
  • ftp access
  • access to full server logs (as in all likelihood the server is generating errors which can’t be seen on the webhost account).

I would welcome anyone who’s having problems with automated scans not running to try another webhost provider to see if it’s working there. I believe this to be server/webhost configuration problem (which is why I’d need access to apache server logs).

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This could well be the case with me Paul. I’m using a very security-tight host and I have had problems in the past with them blocking stuff. But they are very helpful and I’ll see if I can get some answers from them about what is triggering the blocks.

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Hi Paul - I’m sending you an email as well, but I just wanted to post here that everything is now working nicely since the last update. Automatic scans are now taking place, and all my setting changes are now being saved perfectly.

Thanks for all your quick work on this, and once again many thanks for supporting CP. It’s great to be able to have a top security plugin to recommend for CP users. I’ll be installing Shield on all my sites.


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