Shield Security now tailored for CP

I was just installing and setting up Shield on a new site and noticed this:

Really good to see a plugin recognising ClassicPress and altering text headings to suit.

Big thank you to @Paul for his continued support.


I’ve been in touch with Paul recently and they’ll be mentioning support for CP on the WP repo (in the readme) and also on their website once their current revamp is complete.

It’d be nice to see the CP community supporting those developers, like Shield, that actively support CP.


Is the latest release stable though? 10.0 and 10.1 had site-breaking issues causing me a lot of work and I had to roll all sites back to 9.2.1 to be safe. My current plan is to switch back to Wordfence as soon as I have time.

Really? I have seen no issues. Do you know the cause?

EDIT: Ah, just been talking to a client having problems logging in. I think I might be getting it too.

I had one site that suddenly switched itself from my custom theme to a Twenty-Something theme (which wasn’t even installed, so everything broke). The only thing that changed during that period was a Shield update. I reported it in the repo forum a couple of weeks ago but no response. There were also fatal errors on other sites.

Edit: And then when I looked at the changelog and saw the comment about inadvertently deleting database tables, I immediately rolled every installation back to 9.x.

Turns out this was related to an adblocker being used on the browser. So NOT a Shield problem. And not related to anything Zigpress reported.