Show Latest Plugins on Plugin Install Screen in ClassicPress backend

The current Plugin Install screen shows different tabs.

This idea, that was originally mentioned by @Rui on Slack, is to remove all tabs and change the current Popular tab with Latest Additions.

Instead of showing the same plugins with millions of downloads, this feature request is to show a more dynamic tab.

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Author: Wade Striebel

Vote count: 9

Status: open


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We probably should not focus anymore on what WP repo (or even the CP dir) looks like in the CP admin and instead drive all efforts towards actually making our own repo, plugins, their implementation and maintenance.

Downvote from me therefore, even if I agree with the general sentiment that those tabs/categories of plugins are pretty useless anyway and could be put to better use or just fully removed and let the user use a functional search instead.

Is it worth a thread listing features people would like to see available in the directory within the CP admin dashboard?

Meh. Probably not, but feel free to start one.

It will likely just be one more “We have amazing ideas and make a lot of noise” thread that will go nowhere and meanwhile we will continue provide a number of plugins that need to be removed in a semi-functional directory that needs urgent improvements before we can remotely think about a integration into CP Dashboard.
Oh wait, it also needs actual plugins :D.

IMO, we should invest no time at all in any such vision, not now, not the next few years, and that is why I suggest to close it even, not just downvote.

If someone has great visions for how the plugin dir thingy should look like in CP Dashboard… I think they should code the directory instead of adding a petition as of how to integrate it in CP, because I think in fact people do not have a lot of preferences in that sense when it comes to how plugins are shown to them, specially if there will be maybe 90 plugins listed of which a number thereof will not work properly or not have any updates ever.

And for WP repo we really should Make no changes at all because it would mean we actually intend to support that repo for a while, which will not be possible the more time goes on (and the more plugins simply become incompatible with CP by version definition)

Know what I mean/intend to say? We probably already spent too much time discussing on it here.
As the initial petition here asks for improvement to the WP repo in the admin… and remove all tabs and change the current Popular tab with Latest Additions., which will literally not happen unless we keep WP repo, I think we can safely forget about this.

I don’t actually use the Plugins install page for searching for plugins. It makes more sense to me to go directly to the WP Repo site and search for plugins there that are compatible with CP.

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I wonder if the WP API accepts a version number argument, so that all plugins shown would be less than or equal to WP 4.9.
It might be something to consider implementing for the CP API.


With an improved directory in the works, this petition will be closed. There’s a PR that improves default plugins:

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