Simplified Chinese?

Today I discovered ClassicPress — I’m so happy I discovered it. It’s way faster than WordPress.

What makes me sad is that when I checked the settings I found there’s no Simplified Chinese as a language. It was there for WP 4.9. Do you guys have a plan on supporting it? Or should I translate it all by myself :smiling_face_with_tear:

We are quite a small team, so I don’t know if we yet have someone who can make these translations. I’m tagging @ElisabettaCarrara because she will know more than me.

And welcome to ClassicPress! :tada:

Hi @Frank419! Welcome onboard!

As of now we are waiting for V2 release so that we can focus on translations.

@viktor needs to check the workflow to connect our translation system on Crowdin to CP repo so that everything goes in and out automatically for releases and there is a process to align translations formatting tags to be performed before starting to work on them.

At first we are surely going to support languages for which we already have reviewers for and are very near to be complete.

We then plan to encourage people to help review, this is possible because we will make a head start using WP translations and aligning them to CP.

This basically means we could do will all the help we can get for languages like Simplified Chinese.

You can keep updated on the process joining the i18n channel on zulip chat, or keeping an eye on the forum.

Time to bump topic

I found a crowdin link somewhere in the forum but it doesn’t seem to have V2 yet; and there’s no Simplified Chinese avaliable.

I would like to help on this translation but as for now I could only do it the traditional way wp i18n init . and msgfmt.

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At present we are in the process of preparing the infrastructure to align translations. V2 has finally been released and it was a big accomplishment since it brings a long list of improvements to the table.

As soon as we are ready to start we will notify here on the forums and on zulip.

Thanks for volunteering.

Tagging @viktor and @timkaye to keep them in the loop.

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