Site showcase – websites built with ClassicPress

I’ve put my money where my mouth is - my own agency site is now running CP.

I’m also running over 20 other operational sites on CP (some mine, most for clients) and some projects under development.


Also very happy with CP:

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I had to LOL at that comment. Creating a WP theme (and by extension a CP theme) is a giant pain in the ass. Certainly the CMS itself doesn’t “help”, I loosely followed a couple of “guides” to find my way through WP functions (neither of which were provided by Wordpress themselves).


Center for Collaboration and Commercialization (C3)
New Mexico Counts 2020


I have a few others, but the main ones are:

  1. azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant:
  2. coppr|Distilleries to Visit:
  3. azurecurve|GP Table Reference:
  4. azurecurve|Development:
  5. azurecurve|Publishing:

Nyssa’s Hobbit Hole
My Author Page (which runs on the Storytime theme :slight_smile: )


Nice colour pallet on that one…


Thanks. Not my work though. That site was designed by a graphic designer. I just had to implement it.


Just launched:

Designed and developed on ClassicPress right from the initial install. Not a migration.


The new site of is build from the ground up with ClassicPress. A really interesting project among our normal sites.


I have been working hard on building my hosting service. I have three websites, all built from scratch using CP and Elementor. Some have paid Elementor addons and others free ones.

My information site is Host With Aussie and has elements that are designed to be easy to read on mobile devices. The pricing comparison table is hidden on mobiles.

My Reseller hosting is at Agreed Hosting and my Single Site hosting is at Web Chunks. Both sites have a table for the plans on mobiles instead of the pricing boxes. This enables side-by-side comparison on small screens.

The forum is on my info site, which is linked from the other two and also contains the blog. The reason I have three sites instead of one, is my reseller hosting depends on having master reseller accounts, something that is becoming rare and I may eventually lose.

As Profound Host found out, you can have your server withdrawn overnight - without warning! But I do have contingency plans in place.


Another new launch, this time in the fintech arena:

Again this was built from scratch with ClassicPress.


CP site launched this weekend for a non-profit organization:


To continue with this thread, there is one site I’ve just officially rolled out today, and about 3 additional sites based on CP being released to the public over the course of the next few weeks.

Freshly rolled out as “version 1.0”:
Streckenheld -

It’s a map-focused POI / Food & Drink / parking space directory for motorbike and similar drivers.

The base is roughly: CP + ACF Pro + my Leaflet Integration plugin + massive enhancements.


  • my very own site / general relaunch of my public appearance (which I’m continuing to work on as of today); also a first time: using a page builder and a premium theme to get things rolling much more quickly
  • a classic blog-like site including a horse market / classifieds, which is essentially a phpBB forum converted to WP / CP (with originally approx 100k posts; and a huge PITA so far, but hopefully finally done)
  • a shop system, which is the future shop of - based on CP + WooCommerce 3.7.x - 3.8.x (3.7 is required to run plugins which help with the European and German e-commerce rules and laws)

More to come :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.


Nicely done, @fwolf!


@fwolf when you feel ready, do let me know, maybe we can do a showcase of that project along the lines of


Yes, of corpse. Might take a bit, but I could throw something together over the course of the upcoming month (July) :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.


That would be great! Thanks, @fwolf!

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Built a new site to track where I’ve been and want to visit: Dark Forge

I’m going to continue adding to the site and include information and reviews on each attraction.


Another new CP site, built from scratch for a client with CP, ACF Pro and a custom theme. - a business directory for iGaming, Fintech and IT.

Not many listings yet (it launched this morning) though they’ve now employed a business development person so hopefully it will grow.