Classic Commerce potential upgrade: WC 3.7-3.8 changes for GDPR compatibility

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@fwolf this is interesting - can you share which plugins you’re using for this? Do you have any more information about which specific changes are required in order to support them?

(I couldn’t find this bit of info easily so I looked it up in the git history: Classic Commerce is based on WooCommerce 3.5.0-rc.1 according to the commit log.)

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The German Market plugin requires the WooCommerce Tax API, which is only available starting with WC 3.7. In Germany, there are actually just three choices: Either you use German Market, you use Germanized for WooCommerce / WooCommerce Germanized, or you use an actual professional, ie. a lawyer specialized in online law, which is of corpse much more expensive vs. prepared text + a quick checkup.

My guess is, that WooCommerce, as most WordPress plugins, was never really meant / tested for international use. Hence all the issues with eg. Table-based shipping calculations. And thus, also the issues with a non-existing Tax Calculation API / class framework. Just think of: The US with its semi-non required VAT system vs. the REQUIRED VAT in Europe and related countries (eg. the Commonwealth of Nations).

Its not so much about GDPR, its mostly about required = mandatory taxes. Eg. here in Germany, the current mandatory (!) VAT on regular products and services is 19%, and for nurturous food (in theory) and books and several other “essential” things its 7% (eg. the Deutsche Bahn got their VAT reduced by decree during the current CoVid-19 crisis, from “service” 19% down to “essential” 7%).

cu, w0lf.


My understanding is that it’s based on 3.5.3.

Either way, given that Tax Rates and Tax Classes are available in the WooCommerce API and the minimum requirements are WooCommerce 3.5+, I’m guessing it should work with CC.

If you get time @fwolf, would you be able to give it a try? It’d be useful to know.

Just as a point of interest, it’s not been the British Commonwealth since 1949. it’s now just referred to as the Commonwealth of Nations, or simply the Commonwealth. History lesson over :slight_smile:

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No, I’m not gonna give it a try, because I already did. It doesnt work.

Thats why I’m using WC 3.7.x. The Tax API is differently implemented in 3.7, and that is what one of the most important plugins for staying “safe” in the German (and, to some extent, European) market uses. I have not yet tried 3.8, because one cannot “just” upgrade WooCommerce and think everything will be alright - most of the time it wont.

Also, it is important to point out that the most current version of German Market, ie. 4.0, won’t work with ClassicPress or WP 4.9.x anymore (the latest that still works is But its rival, Germanized for WooCommerce, still does.

I’ve edited it. You have to remember: I’m German. We don’t learn much in history in school, despite the time from 1920 to 1945 :slight_smile:

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OK, well at least we know :slight_smile:

I guess this is something we’ll need to assess and see if it’s feasible to build into CC but I doubt that’s going to be for some time yet.

It wasn’t meant as a criticism. :slight_smile: A surprising number of people - even here in the UK - still refer to it as the British Commonwealth.

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Yeah, thats why I’ve been using it like this. Actually quite a lot of Canadian and Australian folks do so :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.

I wonder why, since WooCommerce up to 3.8.1 was compatible with WP 4.9.

It’s because the fork was initiated in mid-January 2019. 3.5.3 was the current version then (3.5.4 was released 21 Jan 2019).

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Ah I see, OK.