I’m kind of a newbie when it comes to more than just using CP SEO for more than just keywords and ratings. My question is this - does CP SEO automatically generate or update the sitemaps? If so, how often do they update?

Classic SEO has a module to generate sitemaps.
If enabled the sitemaps are updated every time some events occurs.
Events like changes in posts, permalink structure…

Cool - thanks for the reply. Here’s one more question for you, Simone. Under XML Sitemap/Media settings, I see the following:


Sitemap settings for attachments.

To generate attachment sitemap disable attachment redirection to parent.

WHERE do I “disable attachment redirection to parent”?

You’ll find the option in
General settings → Links → Redirect Attachments

GOT it… another question for today… is there a way to “clear” all sitemaps and generate all new ones?

Simone - here’s the reason why I’m asking all these questions about SITEMAPS… in my security log (WP-Security), I am getting a TON of 404 errors, as shown below. I need to figure a way to stop all those 404 errors… can CP SEO help me do that, and if so - how?

The only way to stop these 404 errors is to set up redirect rules for each 404 URL. Whoever is making the request will continue, so your only option is to redirect those requests.

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