Skip checkout in Classic Commerce if order is free

Hello, perhaps this is already possible or some mod exists already. But I then couldn’t find it.

I sell plugins, but also have some for free. For either I don’t really care about peoples addresses and all that. But for the paid stuff the tax wants to know.
However, for free orders this can all be skipped.

Is there a setting or plugin that lets me do that?

Something like: if order is free (only has free products) don’t ask for address stuff, skip checkout and serve up the download link.
Generating orders of €0 is a bit dumb I think… A way to skip that would be great.

Any ideas on how to go about this?

You may be able to adapt the accepted answer here for your needs.

…or maybe this might help:

There is also this snippet…

It could be modified to check for cart total = 0.

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And you could also add this filter in there as well to get rid of the payment gateways:

If you get this going let me know what you did and I’ll see if I can add it in as a new snippet.

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Hah, great.
I’ll have a look… Maybe I can even make a plugin for it.

Should be easy with a snippet. But if you do want to make a plugin you could maybe do one that covers a number of different scenarios. That would be handy for users who are still unsure about adding in code.

By the way, I totally agree with this. One of my pet annoyances is trying to get a free download, only to have to go through the whole checkout process… name, full address, phone number etc, then click “Buy” for a value of $0.00. It always makes me wonder how much thought these people have put into the product they are offering.

You might also want to change the text on the button to “Download” or similar.

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How about I mark the product as unsellable and replace the add to cart button with a download button… (The theme makes it look terrible, too. But use your imagination)

This will NOT generate orders at all, and everything beyond the product page is blocked for the marked products.
It’s a bit hacky, but seems to work :partying_face: → EG. Needs more fine-tuning and testing.

Yes, that’s even easier. Offer the download direct from the product page.

I think I got it. I’ll testing the plugin for a few days on my website.
See → AJdG Solutions | Great plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce

The free plugins section at the bottom has the direct downloads. While the rest has a proper cart and checkout option.

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That’s great! Super easy. I downloaded a couple no problem. If only everyone did that. Of course you don’t get to collect their email address which means you can’t send them a spam email every day for the rest of their life.

One small point… Classic Commerce is two words. You have a mixture. eg
" … some handy plugins for WooCommerce and ClassicCommerce…"

Plugin is now available here: AJdG Solutions | Classic Commerce Skip Checkout
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