SMTP integration settings as core plugin

Users should have an ability to use SMTP easily if they choose to. No reason to have multiple plugins for something basic.

PHPMailer already provides necessary API, which can be accessed using phpmailer_init hook.

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Author: Viktor Nagornyy

Vote count: 28

Status: open


Not sure if I still want this added to the core. I did start using APIs to send emails. There’s also a plugin SMTP to handle that easily.

It’s an interesting point. It made me think. What if we integrated mail providers’ APIs as a core plugin, so users could easily pick their provider and enter their API details for CP to send emails? WHMCS did something like this. It looks something like this:

It’s also extensible, so developers can add new providers if they want to.

This is my petition. At this time it’s best to leave it up to plugins to provide SMTP integration. Petition will be closed.

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