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I was just using the Azurecurve snippets plugin for ClassicPress and I happened to think that it could solve the problem of a snippet directory. It could be modified to search and open snippets hosted on gist or github, similarly to what Beda Integration for the dir does where you can add trusted repos to source plugins. That way if a plugin has a collection of snippets (like ClassicCommerce does) it can have a gist section that could be linked to the snippets plugin and one can see, copy and use such snippets.
I placed a feature request for this feature in the plugin github because I think it could solve this problem really well, and since it allows to transform html/css/js/php into shortcodes it can also serve as a page builder.
tagging @azurecurve to see what he thinks about that.

The new directory, which will be going live soon, includes code snippets but the initial implementation treats them as plugins/themes. There’s no code snippet shown, requires a repository, and zip needs to be downloaded. I’ve opened an issue for discussion to make code snippets similar to Classic Commerce site.

Thanks for the clarification @viktor, I will follow the progress there!

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