Soft Launch of CP-based e-commerce website

Because I cant find an appropriate category, I just gonna drop this here:

Did a soft launch of a client site yesterday; its running CP v2 + WooCommerce (actually Re:Commerce) + site designed from scratch + massive web performance optimizations + a wagonload of other things.

It had to be launched pre-mature, because it was initially scheduled for official launch in May or July this year, but the clients original shop finally took its last breath about 2 weeks ago; it was already partially broken, but could somehow be coaxed to work a bit further.

Now, the webhosting company tried to upgrade PHP to a still supported version (its been running on and off with PHP 5.6 and 7.x), and thus … the end of the line was reached.

Its to be found at

Beware: Website is purely in German so far. Originally planned was to either use Bogo (which would require a fork = CP version) or use a very simple combination of translated pages, ACF Pro + a bit of custom programming. That may still happen, but for now, its German only.

cu, w0lf.


Any plans to release it? :smiley: Could even monetize it.


Any plans to release it?

Currently, I’m way too busy with work to be doing a proper release, but with the IRL usage within an actual working shop, this certainly is prone to change. Ie. there is gonna go a bit more work into it, as I intend to backport or “get inspired by” parts and elements existing in the current WooCommerce iterations.

Right now, its pre-release level, mostly cosmetic changes, partially in labeling / naming, and making sure its functioning as intented.

cu, w0lf.