Solution for Database error connection due to update 5.0.2


This will help other to fixed there problem in 5.0.2 wordpress update error this is the solution that cause many more website will break i read the forum somebody need asking for help but they blocked and banned me in the support here i will post the soluton so other will benefits and fixed there problem…
Database Connecton error ,Http 500 error ,Cannot create directory error,Media Library upload image error…woocommerce order record gone due to update…after 2 minutes the website will shotdown and live again…cache and minify

reinstall fresh wordpress and downgrade your core to 4.9.8 ( core downgrade plugin)
Make sure your have the correct PHP old version that you use before the update …

Follow this step 1 by 1 to restore your website without lossing any data and setting…the same and woocommerce
1.Restore your database first
2.your Theme
3.install the ninja scanner to removed the 165 files that create error when finish ( affecting file rest api and http and the wp includes,javascript )this file make the wordpress admin slow and cannot publish any post error removed this 165 file
4.Do not restore the plugin in backup reinstall 1 by 1 your plugin download without losing any of your setting if you restore your plugin thru backup the same error will not go away…
5.when restoring image use ( go live plugin to update your url and GUID.
6.upload the image to the media Files
7.use the regenerate thumbnail plugin by alex mills that use rest api…
8.set your upload file to 755 for folder for file 644 for image
9.install the fix media plugin to clean your media library for error…

Now your website Back to normal without error…if you need help just contact me here …

WordPress 5.0.2 issues; possible resolution for errors

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