Standard for petition titles

For consistency in the dashboard of ClassicPress sites we should come up with some guidelines for petition titles.

Here are some ideas to start:

  • First word of title capitalized, other words only capitalized if proper nouns
  • No closing punctuation
  • Start the petition title with an unconjugated verb: “Add xxx” or “Support xxx”
  • Don’t start the petition title with “Petition to xxx”
  • Set a maximum suggested number of characters or words?

This would be something that petition creators can use as a guideline, and also a guideline that forum moderators can use to edit existing petition titles.

Every time a petition title is changed, the person changing it should post a comment on the petition thread indicating the old title, the new title, and the specific reason for the change (with a link back to this thread). For example:

Title changed from “Petition To Add Feature Xxx” to “Add feature xxx” according to petition title guidelines.


This all sounds good to me. I guess the length will depend on what displays best in the revised petitions widget. Probably can’t be set in stone, but petitioners need to realise it may get truncated if too long.


We should also make this standard sticky in the category when we are ready.

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