Strange status of petitions in widget

In the widget for petitions, Show Post/Page ID shows as started.

But it is done, ready for release in 1.4
Should this status thus not say something else than started? Started means “work begun”. But work is done there. Basically the status probably should be “Slated for XY” or similar.

Do I misunderstand this?

It should be fixed. It was tagged both as planned and pull-request. I removed pull-request.

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Seems you know how this works
Could you jot me a few notes so I can document how this works?
Like what tag triggers what status etc?

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This logic should be explained pretty well in the code that queries forums data and prepares it for ClassicPress to retrieve from our API server.

There are a couple of layers of caching involved in this process. The API server pulls petitions data from the forums every hour, and ClassicPress dashboards cache that data for 12 hours. So it may take up to a maximum of 13 hours (or 6-7 hours on average) for a change on the forums to be reflected in the ClassicPress dashboard.

Let me know if you have any other questions (here or on DM).