Subscribe2 plugin getting spam addresses?

Hi, there. It appears that I’m getting spam addresses in the list of subscribers. Have I (de)selected something that permits this?

Also, I don’t know if I selected the right tag or not …

UPDATE: I found @Simone’s Registration Honeypost plugin and installed it. Will that take care of it?

@zudn let us know if the Registration Honeypot plugin is working for you. Otherwise, maybe @MattyRob has any ideas.

Thanks, will do. Today only one subscription, which was obviously Brazilian/Portuguese, so that one is almost certainly legit.

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@zudn - Anytime you have a form on a website it is going to get spam / bot entries - it’s all just part of being on the internet now.

Subscribe2 has 2 step subscription process in line with accepted privacy standards, enter email on form, get an email with a link to click to complete the subscription. Most spam addresses don’t actually get the confirmation email, or they don’t click the link, so the address is not confirmed and is automatically deleted after a period of 28 days.

Ensuring your site is hardened against bots in your .htaccess file or equivalent and using honeypots are good strategies. After the you kind of have to accept it is going to happen.

Have never tinkered with the .htaccess file …

Honeypot seems to be working so far.

Yeah, the inevitable human nature to spoil all good things.