All subscribers are gone. I forgot about that. Are there any options for someone to subscribe or follow a CP site? (Besides RSS – we do have RSS, right?)

By Subscribers, do you mean Jetpack/ email subscribers/followers? If so, then you’re correct. That wouldn’t work since it’s only for WordPress. Do keep in mind, you should be able to export email subscribers from Jetpack and import them into whatever new tool you decide to use.

Your other option is to add your own subscription feature using Subscribe2 plugin developed by our core contributor Matt. It allows you to accept email subscribers and will notify them of new posts by email. We’re working on implementing this on the CP’s main website.

And yes, RSS feeds haven’t changed. It’s all still there, just like WordPress.

Yes. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on that. I’ve already disconnected Jetpack. I don’t see the site in’s Jetpack list. So have I lost the emails forever?

Subscribe2 would meet my needs just fine.

I’ve installed it and am experimenting. I translated the email texts into Portuguese, but now it is not observing the line returns between paragraphs and links. I tried inserting br/ but that doesn’t work. The email looks cluttered without it. What am I doing wrong?

You could try switching back to WP to enable Jetpack and try to export emails.

That might be a good question for @MattyRob

I tried this on one of my smaller sites, so although I’ll cry in my pillow tonight, I’m not about to go back to WP. hahaha

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