Subscribe2 line breaks

@zudn - Can you post the translated email Template here?

The emails are mainly intended to be plain text so adding line returns should be the solution.

Sure, no problem.

After I hit submit, the line returns disappear and all the text runs together.

I have tested locally by amending a plain text email template in the Subscribe2 → Settings page under the Templates tab.

I have also added some HTML tags and again saved. I have been unable to reproduce the issue you are seeing where line breaks are removed. If you could post on here the template text you are using I can try testing further with that.

Notification email:

{BLOGNAME} acaba de postar um novo artigo: ‘{TITLE}’ {POST}. Veja o artigo neste link: {PERMALINK} Você recebeu este email porque pediu para ser notificado ao publicar novas matérias. Muito obrigado! {MYNAME} {EMAIL}

Sub/unsub confirmation email:

{BLOGNAME} recebeu um pedido para: {ACTION} em relação ao seu email. Para completar o pedido, favor clicar no link abaixo: {LINK} Se você não recebeu este pedido, pode desconsiderar esta notificação. Obrigado. {MYNAME}

Reminder email:

Seu email foi usado para fazer uma assinatura para receber notificações do site: {BLOGNAME} ({BLOGLINK}) mas a assinatura não foi completada. Se você deseja ainda completar a assinatura, favor clicar no link abaixo: {LINK} Se não desejar fazer isso, favor ignorar o email e seu endereço será retirado da nossa lista. Grato, {MYNAME}

I had appended a URL at the very end of each, and thought that might have caused it, so I removed it and tried again, no difference.

Quick note, to keep conversations on topic I split this plugin support discussion from the main subscribers discussion and placed it under plugin support category.

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I still cannot re-produce with your text.

In the Plugins page of you admin, is Subscribe2 listed as:
Subscribe2 or
Subscribe2 for ClassicPress

I suspect you may be using the plugin from the WordPress repository, try my version, specific for ClassicPress from here:

Some people have signed up already. Will I be able to add them to the CP-specific plugin?

Oh, I have it as subscribe2.

Switching from subscribe2 to subscribe2 for CP seems to have taken care of the problem. Thanks very much!

The emails are stored in exactly the same way bu the plugins so if you deactivate the one you are using and delete it via FTP, then upload mine, the subscribers should still all be there - I’d suggest you take a backup first however I understand that the Export function in the WP version is currently not working.

All the emails and the options selected, as well as the translations, showed up in the CP version of the plugin. (I didn’t use FTP, however.)

I assume I can delete the WP version of the plugin from within the plugin area of CP?

I’d suggest use FTP, otherwise the uninstall script may be called and then you will erase all of the plugin associated data.

Gotcha. I’ve just moved to Ubuntu (thanks to help from my son), so I’ll go looking for a good option to FTP.

Thanks so much for your kind help.

For ftp I use Filezilla. Works well.

Cool! I used to use Filezilla in Mac, I think it was. Thanks!

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As a side note, if you’re using cPanel hosting, you can delete plugins using File Manager. That works similarly to FTP and will not trigger any scripts. That’s usually easier than FileZilla. You just need to find the plugin’s folder inside /wp-content/plugins directory and delete it.

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Funny you should mention. I’ve not used ftp for the account I now have and cannot find the info for the ftp account. I’m in cPanel now and wondered if I could just delete the /plugins/subscribe2 folder. :slight_smile: You just answered my question, thanks so much. (Super non-techie here.)


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