Suggested xml import plugin incompatible with CP

suggested import plugin (tools menu) is WordPress Importer

Error: This plugin requires a newer version of WordPress and may not be compatible with ClassicPress.

WordPress made changes to the latest 0.8 version, which made the plugin incompatible with CP. I’m working on forking that plugin, so it’s available for CP users.

In the meantime, user version 0.7 with CP. You can download it here:


thanks viktor :slight_smile:


hey viktor, question…

i’m working on a bash script that replaces the WP plug, Broken Link Checker, and i’d be interested in your thoughts

for a few reasons (safety being one) i think it’s easier to work with the xml posts/pages export files than it is to work with a posts db sql file - the problem being that importing an xml adds to, rather than replaces, ones posts

i’m wondering how doable it would be for you to add an option to the importer to overwrite the existing posts/pages data rather then append to it? this of course would suite my needs, but i suspect this could also be useful for others

Overwriting content would take some work to implement because there will need to be checks for post types, comments, users, etc. And once implemented, it would need to be tested. Right now we don’t have that time to make any changes to the importer plugin. However, I logged your request here:

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Yes, it’s better to use a plugin like this one: WP Import Export Lite – WordPress plugin |

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