Suggestion for guest book plugin?

I’ve been toying with adding a guestbook to my site. Any ideas, suggestions, warnings or other words from the experts?

Hey ho

So it’s hard to say anything specific at first, since you haven’t made any requirements for the guestbook.
As a rule, however, guest books should be treated with caution, they are a popular gateway for spam.
It has proven itself under WordPress Gwolle Guestbook, but we cannot guarantee whether and for how long this plugin will still be available for ClassicPress.
You should therefore create your own fork or look for someone here who may take over this so that the plugin for ClassicPress remains available and can also be adapted if necessary.

If you are familiar with custom post types, you can also build your own guest book with a form and use the comment function to check entries beforehand, for example.

But the idea is good, we should get a guest book plugin for ClassicPress, maybe. I fork for PSOURCE Gwolle and add it to my ClassicPress range.

Hi @Dernerd , yes, spam is a very big concern when it comes to a guestbook. I even installed Gwolle, but did not see the option for Brazilian Portuguese. I’m a very non-techie user, so forking it or building my own is not an option. I hope you or someone will find the idea interesting enough to come up with one. Thanks for your kind reply.

I think we can help you there. I just saw that the plugin is only half-heartedly prepared for translations. Please give me 2-3 days, then you will have a ClassicPress version with the appropriately prepared language files and then I will explain to you how you can bring the whole thing to your native language with Loco (I can give you a ZIP that you can install on ClassicPress without an error message). I’m installing an updater so that we can update this fork for all ClassicPress users. Good idea to secure this plugin and to bring it to English, in the language area it is rather unknown, another chance for ClassicPress.

Ich denke da kann man dir helfen. Ich hab gerade gesehen das das Plugin nur halbherzig für Übersetzungen vorbereitet ist. Gib mir bitte 2-3 Tage, dann hast du eine ClassicPress Version mit entsprechend vorbereiteten Sprachfiles und dann erkläre ich dir wie du mit Loco (Kann dir ein ZIP überlassen die du auf ClassicPress ohne Fehlermeldung installieren kannst) das ganze auf deine Heimatsprache bringst. Ich baue noch n Updater ein, so das wir dann diesen Fork für alle ClassicPress User Updaten können. Gute Idee dieses Plugin zu sichern und mal auch auf Englisch zu bringen, in dem Sprachraum ist es eher unbekannt, wieder eine Chance für ClassicPress.

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Yes, the pt-br was only about 41% done, from what I saw.

Update: I dont forget you, i think to the End of next Week its Ready for U

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