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Bitchute that is a new video hosting website, developed a new comments platform in order to get rid of Disqus that they used up until now.
They call it CommentFreely it is open source and it available on GitHub.

The Bitchute people are looking also for programmers to offer support forthe further development of this comment platform.

You can see how it looks like under the video as they have already launched this comment platform on their website.
According to what they say this comment platform is compatible with Disqus too - but not related- in order to migrate their use’s comments that they already had on Disqus, into the Comment Freely.

And here is my idea.
Why not modfy and use this comment platform as default on Classic Press. I mean replace the default WP comments with the Comment Freely that is somewhat more advanced as it has edit button, upvote option, new old and popular comments etc.

As I said Bitchute people are looking for support and if CP team works on the same project for the CP platform that will be beneficial for both teams. CP team can modify it as default comment platform unique on CP ( and for sure better than the default WP comments) and perhaps improve it further and Bitchute team can benefit from the developing and promote CP on their video channel, that is now the stronger competitor of youtube with some millions of subscribers.

In order to sum the whole thing up. The concept is to take their code, modify it for use as default comments for CP, contriute to the further development and improvement for the platform and advertise CP on Bitchute. ( swap the coding support with advertisement and promotion).

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Author: Marialena.S

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Any new comments platforms should use plugins since we have plans up to move built-in comments system to a core plugin.

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