Support for commercial plugins using CP

The issue was raised elsewhere about whether commercial plugin developers would still support their products if they log into your site and find you are using CP.

It’s obviously too late for existing plugins that you are using, but for future purchases I think it would be a wise move to contact the developers before buying, tell them you are considering using their plugin and ask if they will support it being used on CP. You could also explain about the similarity between CPv1 and WP4.9.

This will have two advantages:

  1. It will cover your back in case you need any help down the track

  2. It will show the developers there is interest in Classicpress


My take: I agree on speaking before buying.
However, I pay money for your product. From the moment I pay and receive it the product is “mine”. I would think I am allowed to do what I want with it? I can understand however that installing on a different CMS the dev will find himself in a new ecosystem when trying to solve my tickets, so I agree in informing before buying.


Absolutely. If you don’t ask first (ie, get it in writing) then you can’t expect the developer to support you using it on a different platform or in some otherwise non-standard way.


Exactly. There may indeed be a bug in the program that needs to be addressed by the developer, but if they log in and see you are using CP, then their initial reaction is naturally going to be… “Well, you are the problem.”

It also gives you a good opportunity to say to a dev who won’t support CP… “OK, thanks, in that case I won’t be buying your product”.