Switch Post Status - my new unuseful plugin

Switch Post Status

Quote from a client’s request:

I want this.
Schermata 2021-12-06 alle 12.02.10

There are a lot of way to switch between publish and draft status, but my client wanted one more :sweat_smile:

So I decided to write this really stupid plugin and use it as an exercise on sanitization of inputs and nonces.
Added a filter so the generic plugin lets you switch from publish to draft and back, but can be extended and the link text changed.


Download Switch Post Status


[Detail where users can get support, ideally the Plugin Support Category]



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Reopened topic… if someone wants to comment this strange release :slight_smile:

Technically “remove this pizza from menu” seems to imply pizzas are custom post types.
Does the plugin work with custom post types?
The fact that I can’t see a decent use case for this now doesn’t mean that in the future imma not going to need it.


Yes, it’s a custom post type. They change their menu every day.
It hooks to every hierarchical and non-hierarchical post types.
For me bulk actions are the faster way to do this, but… :slight_smile: