Switch to ClassicPress v1.5.0 Released (Migration Plugin)

Switch to ClassicPress

This is a plugin for WordPress that switches your installation to ClassicPress.

Version 1.5 of this plugin also added a switcher tool for ClassicPress that can be used to install
other versions, test nightly builds and even revert your site to WordPress.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Changelog

  • Add smart drop down to Advanced Controls
  • Implement PHP version checking based on migration API endpoint
  • Adjust checks, notifications and information text as needed for CP v2
  • Warn that Migration requires Re-Install (reminder if you go back into the plugin)
  • Chat link changed from Slack to Zulip
  • Offer CP v1 & v2 current and one version back (unless no previous as with 2 right now)
  • Offer WP current, 6.3.x and 4.9.x (4.9 offered only if running PHP 7)
  • Offer release version if running CP migration version
  • Will not offer re-installation
  • Suggest a ClassicPress Default theme

:arrow_down: Download

Download Switch to ClassicPress v1.5.0

:man_juggling: Support

If you have issues to report or features to request, contact us in the Plugin Support Forum or on Github.


Successfully downloaded the updated plugin. Since I was already running the latest nightly, I was a little confused by the message:

You’re almost done switching to ClassicPress v2.0.0!
You must visit the Updates Page and Press the Re-Install Now button to complete the migration process!

So I re-installed 2.0 as directed and then fetched and (successfully) installed the latest nightly.

No problems except that the plugin screen is still telling me that I’m “almost done.” Is this normal behavior?

If you want to stay on nightly I suggest to change migration to nightly in $cp_version in wp-includes/version.php.

This way you will be prompted to update to latest nightly every day.

It sounds like either the message needs modifying or it only gets shown in specific circumstances.

In the lower right of an admin page what version is listed?
The message about being almost done should only display if a migration version is in use.
Something like this:
I have tried on both a dev version and the nightly and get the expected
“Good job, you’re running ClassicPress v2.0.0!”

Thanks for the responses:

@Simone : I check ClassyBot/ClassicPress-v2-nightly/releases (almost) each night in any case. I’ll try the change you mention. Thanks.

@EliteStarServices : At the lower right of the admin page the correct version (nightly) is indeed listed: Version 2.0.0+migration.20240315, though on the main Migration Plugin screen I still get " You’re almost done etc." That is, I assume by your explanation I am indeed running a “migration version” (“only display if a migration version is in use”). Or do you mean “only display if a nightly migration version is in use”?

Hi Doug,
You are running a migration version based on what you posted.
Nightly versions will display this way:

You can follow the Updates Page link in the plugin where is says “You are almost done”

Then simply press the Re_Install Now button:

Once you do that the version in the lower right should look like this:

This may be a misunderstanding on my part of the difference between the two. Are the nightlies not the latest version, albeit not the official release that is offered as 2.0.0? That is, with the latest tweaks?

Nightlies are mostly a development thing, not the official release.
They are sort of beta versions for lack of a better term.

Instructions from my last post will put you on the official release, which will be prompted to update whenever a new official release version comes out. Nightlies will request an update every day, even if nothing has actually changed.

If you do want to be on Nightly releases, then you could paste a valid URL into the
Advanced Version Control >> Build URL text box:

The Nightly URL looks like this (you can use this one to paste)

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One thing that may lead to confusion is that migration from WordPress to a ClassicPress release version is actually a 2 step process. We might need to figure out a better way to explain that.

The migration process from WordPress works like this:

  1. You migrate from WordPress to the ClassicPress Migration Version
  2. You migrate from the ClassicPress Migration Version to the ClassicPress Release Version

The plugin tries to step you through that process, but may need additional explanation.
The migration version works fine, but would not get updates, hence the “You’re Almost Done…”

Thanks for the clarification. I have indeed intended to keep up with nightlies as long as they work on my site (“sort of beta”) since I have been on 2.0 rather than the official release.

In any case, I thought the valid URL for nightlies (“it’s just for use by the migration plugin”) using the migration plugin was, for example,


I see you are copying from
rather than from

I asked about this distinction earlier on the forum and thought I understood that the migration plugin needed the second link (“it’s just for use by the migration plugin”). So I guess I still don’t understand the difference.

Will either link work with the migration plugin?
Will Simone’s code change above alert me to nightlies rather than the official 2.0.0 release?

The link with migration in it is for use by the migration plugin and is not the same as the nightly ‘beta’ version. Note that the migration versions have this text in the description “You probably don’t need this, it’s just for use by the migration plugin”.

Paste this link into the Advanced Version Control >> Build URL text box as explained a few posts up and you will be on the Nightly Version you are after, the ‘beta’ version that updates every day:

Simone’s instructions accomplish the same thing.

Thank you, this clarifies several points for me; I was somehow unaware of this two-step process, presumably because I migrated from WP back in early 2019.

I think this is also why I (think I) have misunderstood the difference between the two links on github, so, yes, I think a brief explanation would be helpful especially to those coming from WP; and obviously for me as well. I have never updated to any version of CP except by using the migration plugin, so the identifier “It’s just for use by the migration plugin” seemed to be what I was supposed to be using (see my earlier post below).

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