Tags in Forum Topics

First of all, my apologies in advance if this question has been asked a numerous times before, but I couldn’t find anything alike.

Basically I’m reading as much as possible to answer all my questions around ClassicPress development in general and was wondering whether we have something like GitHub’s topic tags so I could find specific topics based on my interest, such as plugin or theme development.

Is there anything like that?

EDIT: To clarify, I mean during searching. I can see there is something like that, but you have to click on each one manually than search for it.


Just go to the forums homepage https://forums.classicpress.net/ (or click on the ClassicPress icon on any forums page). You will see a list of all categories there.

If you open the Search box then click “options” to go to the advanced search, you can also filter by categories or tags (not as useful because categories are the main way of organizing content here), but clicking on a category manually is probably an easier way to browse through the forums in general.

I don’t think this specific question has been asked before, but sometimes people look for a shortcut or automation in order to get the knowledge they want into their heads. Generally this doesn’t exist :wink:


Thank you @james


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