Technical issues with post link (MTC: MrLucky)

@wadestriebel any way to edit the link to the blogpost? Apparently date was ‘scheduled’ so had to redo the date after initial publishing.

I have edited the post to at least make it readable. Due to a technical issue, the show full post button is broken,

As I mentioned here, best bet is to remove it and post it the same way we did @BlueSkyPhoenix’s.

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Any idea what happened here?

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@raygulick Ray tried to make an edit and that broke the connection. At least thats how I understand it.

Actually, what happened is that the publish date had been scheduled, and I did not notice that. So when I published, the publish date was a couple weeks earlier.

So, when I fixed the date on the blog post, the discourse link had already been created and was broken.

Seems like a cumbersome process to fix the discourse link, in that most blog posters do not have access to fix anything in discourse.

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BTW, this would not be an issue if the date was not included in the permalink.
Maybe we should look at removing the date as part of the url on the new site and create redirects?


Ah! I understand now, thanks for this key bit of context.