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I’m getting ready to test ClassicPress 2.x version, and thought I had seen an article somewhere here that explained how to do that - but now I can’t find the article? This will be done on a site that already has 1.6 installed… where/how can I download the ClassicPress 2.x for the conversion, and what are the steps?

Never mind about the article… I sucessfully converted to 2.0… BUT, now I need other help! I set the site to PHP 8.0 before doing the conversion… the site FAILS to show up! SO, I reverted it to PHP 7.4 & now it WORKS. Any idea why I can’t get it to work with PHP 8.0?

CPv2 works fine with php8, so most likely a theme or plugin is the issue. I would start by going back to one of the default themes if you are using something else. You can also use a plugin to enable debug mode and then you should get error messages about the problem instead of a blank screen.

Here’s the only thing I see when I set it for “PHP 8.0” (in my dashboard)…

There has been a critical error on this website.

When I set the PHP version back to 7.4, the error goes away.

Any suggestions? p.s. I did update the theme, per your suggestion, but I still get the error

What theme are you using?
If the issue is not the theme, then it is a plugin.
You could install one of the debug plugins and turn on php8 to get a better error returned that should tell you which plugin is causing the site to crash - you can also turn off all the plugins, turn on php8 and verify the site still works - then turn them on one at a time until you find the culprit.

Ah! You’re right… it WAS a plugin… unfortunately, it’s one I will HAVE to have when I take 2.0 live on my main production site… CLASSIC SEO… I did notice that the plugin author has a note stating that the plugin needs to be “finalized for 2.0”… that note is on the following page:

There was an update on the CLASSIC SEO page, specifically for CP 2.0… downloaded, installed - works like a charm now. Thanks for your input!

I think Simone works on that plugin?
If so he may be able to work with you to get it resolved.
Another possibility is doing the debug plugin thing, as it should provide the detailed error saying why the plugin crashed - it might be easy to patch. I do not use that plugin myself, but was able to activate it on a site running php8.1 and did not get any errors, can you try php8.1 or higher?

His tag on the plugin site is - xxsimoxx

Upgrading the plugin did the trick… I definitely WILL try upgrading to 8.1 to see if that works (or not).

Just upgraded site to PHP 8.1… tested; all works fine, but only once xxsimoxx’s upgrade for CP 2.0 is installed. I won’t try this on my real production site until an “official” version of CP 2.0 is released, but as long as I remember to upgrade the CLASSIC SEO plugin, I think all will be fine. Again, thanks for your time

As information - I tested on php8.1 with the latest CPv2 nightly (20230910) and Classic SEO v2.1.3 which as I said, was not set up, only activated, but did not crash the site.

Classic SEO v2.2.0, that is currently in alpha version, supports PHP from 7.4 to 8.2.
Happy that you are testing!

Hi, Simone… got to get ready for CP 2.0, and Classic SEO is an ESSENTIAL part of my main production site… I’m testing it on an older site… QUESTION: Are your versions synced at all with the CPv2 nightly releases?

I’m running the latest nightly with Classic SEO on two production sites (one PHP 8.2) and all smooth so far.

Just a question about 2.0. Can I “simply” overwrite all the files in wp-includes, wp-admin and root of the current ver. 1.4 folder that my CP is in, with 2.0 files; or is this not a valid way to update from 1.4 to 2.0?

(Are there changes in the database that have been updated or not?)

I just did not want to do any drastic changes to my Apache2 instance since it took me so long to get it to work with WPCS/CPCS and other configurations. I also only have the one folder in var/www/html/classicpress that I can point to at this time… Any tips on going 2.0?

To upgrade my sites I have downloaded the latest nightly:

Then as you suspect, I delete the wp-content folder and copy the rest over the existing (WP or CPv1) files. I have not had any database or other issues doing it this way, but also always backup just before doing any upgraded like this just in case.

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Thanks. You say the wp-content needs deleted. Is there any reason to not write overtop of all three wp- folders (after backing up)? Or does leaving the wp-content cause some issue (like old plugins or themes maybe?)

If you have a backup done just before the file copy that can be easily restored (or made a clone of the site) you could copy everything and verify. You are probably right that it might not hurt anything, it would restore any default themes etc that may have been removed from your active site, but any of your own site specific files should not exist in a fresh install, so it is likely no damage would be done.

I just delete it since there is no ‘code’ in that folder, only site specific stuff.

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