Testing Options for CP "Repo"

Is there a method for getting crowd source or open testing type testing of plugins, where community peeps can test a plugin [I] wrote; so that it can be critiqued as to its usability and compatibility; BEFORE [I] submit a plugin to Plugins - ClassicPress Directory ?

For example, there is a good “page builder” type plugin I wrote and it uses shortcodes for sections (blocks… LOL). It is tested on a site with CP and is verified to work 100% as a lean plugin that follows the philosophies of CP.

But before submitting, it would be nice to have a review of how-practical or how-UI/UX-friendly it appears to other users and plugin devs. (Plugin in question): https://github.com/tradesouthwest/mixmat

Not asking for an inspection of plugin HERE. Posting here is to find out if this kind of community resource can be implemented.


It seems like the forum is a good place to ask for feedback. But there’s nothing wrong with submitting it, since you can always change it or remove it.


I encourage you to start discussions in #plugins or #plugins:plugin-support. :slight_smile:


As @maiki says, best bet is to post in plugins and see if anyone can take a look for you and provide feedback. I’ve looked at plugins for people in the past and offered feedback.