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I did some reading and checking. As I mentioned before my Blog depends on an older StudioPress Theme called Decor. Decor is outdated and will not be updated. I am thinking to get another theme. But which one is the question. Because I prefer to stay classic. I am thinking to use Snap Creek software Duplicator Pro to move all the info from old blog to new one. Any advise or recommendation?
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The FeatherLite theme was built for ClassicPress. Also, there are tons of options at the WordPress Theme Repository. If it works on WordPress 4.9 (or lower,) it works on ClassicPress.

Is there some misunderstanding? You can switch themes without the help of a plugin.
And only you know what you want it to look like, so we can’t really help. (everyone defines “classic” differently)

Sorry. I was trying to find something in StudioPress/Genesis.

Yes, I did look at the Featherlite. Thank you for reminding me to look at Theme Repository.

Maybe it is time for me to make a complete change and start another web and move part of my old site to the new.

I am thinking only photography of the past and all kind of Asian dishes.

Looking even outside the WordPress area, like Webnode (Multilangual)

All thoughts!

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I think he is rebuilding site on a different hosting, if I am not mistaken?

I am looking at all options. I have my website stationed at GoDaddy en it is hosted with Hostgator (EIG).
But lately I am reading not so nice things about those 2 companies. They are getting too big and or controlled by others.

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Re GoDaddy and EIG…it’s not that they’re too big or controlled by others. It’s that support is lackluster, equipment seems more prone to overuse and failure, and prices are too high (because they nickel-and-dime you for every little thing.) You’ll find that, at most of the top hosts, you get things for free that you were previously specifically paying fees for at GoDaddy (et al).

Take, for example, the simple ability to privatize your personal information. My host offers this for free; GoDaddy makes you pay a fee for it. This tells me they don’t care about privacy…unless you pay them to care about it.

If you’re interested in learning more about how/where ClassicPressers are hosting their sites, take a look at the Hosting Forum. :+1:


I am still trying to determine in what direction I will go. But I did receive a message from a friend.
He moved his site from Hostgator to " Siteground " which is a more reliable hosting company"
My last experience with Hostgator: I needed support, because I could not place a new Post on an existing page. Error 500. Server problems. After several tries from the Tech guy, my post got placed.
But I then found out that all my plugins got disconnected. problem? I am trying to find out a replacement Template for historical articles and pictures.

Please, don’t go to Siteground. They are on the steep downhill. We heard a many, many bad cases in the past two years.

If you want a good support in the WordPress/ClassicPress area - go to a small hosting company, as usual, they respond better. Or hire a WP/CP maintenance agency. Big companies are good only at upselling clients.

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Wow, is that true? As an 84 year I depend on many younger people, who are very experience on the internet. You mention small companies, but how do I know which one is small or big?
More important, which companies are reasonable in price and given a good service. I am also looking to move my outdated template from StudioPress, but where too?

Are you in The Netherlands? Maybe look at this one:

or this:

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