Theme shop for ClassicPress?


As I sit here with my iced coffee, I was just thinking about something as it relates to theme development for ClassicPress…

Has anyone established an official theme site (shop) for ClassicPress “only” themes? I am actually giving serious consideration to creating one and begin developing themes for it; again, only focused on CP.



We’re working on a plugin directory, part of which will deal with paid plugins; it’s still at the design stage, but the logical extension is themes.

That’s not to say “don’t do it”, just a heads-up for where we’re going.



Working on one.

ClassicDesigner ~ (Not publicly available yet) will be a dedicated ClassicPress web studio that will also release themes and plugins for the platform.

I’m eagerly awaiting the directories @invisnet :slight_smile:



I think we will need to handle themes in the initial version of our plugin directory or very shortly after.

Paid plugins and themes will likely come much later, and that’s not something that’s decided yet either, so there would definitely be a fit for third-party paid directories until then.

We’d also be curious to know what technology people end up using in order to make this work, since we’ve started planning what we need our directory to do but we haven’t started building it yet.

This thread is fine where it is, but for reference, here’s the subforum for discussion related to our plugin directory: