Theme Unit Test

Do anyone know any good Theme Unit Test that doesn’t do blocks. Since the Unit Test for WP has been updated to support blocks. Do we know any places that can do unit test before blocks/gutenberg was implemented.

You can certainly extract a copy of the Theme Test data from GitHub that was before blocks, but consider that some people migrate from WP, so their content might have blocks, so the current Theme Test data is good to use. You don’t have to style the blocks, but it is HTML, so it shouldn’t bother the theme any at all.

While it’s probably good to have the block data to test with, one of the other issues is that the Importer plugin has been updated for blocks. (also for PHP 8 though)
The WP Theme Test data refers back to a blog to get the images. This is how the importer works, though, it’s not really about the data.

Oh okay! i guess i’ll just use the original or the current theme unit test from WP. Thanks