Theme with BudyPress support

I have been developing a theme with deep integration for BuddyPress. At one point I was developing on XAMPP with WordPress 5.XX version. I have recently started development on XAMPP with ClassicPress latest version.

I am using the latest version of BuddyPress, Stable tag: 9.1.1. Although some block elements have been introduced to BuddyPress, I have seen no issues, alerts, or warnings with ClassicPress compatibility. Thus far BuddyPress 9.1.1 is still listed as requiring WP 4.9.

I do not use the default BuddyPress templates, Legacy or Nouveau. I have created a separate template pack for this theme, but when switching between for testing, all seems to run as expected.

I just thought I would put this info out there for anyone considering BuddyPress with ClassicPress. I don’t know how compatibility will be for BuddyPress going forward, but traditionally BP development has been slow paced, not to mention, existing sites that use BP generally undergo quite a bit of customization and It would not be wise for BP to bump the min WP version to anything greater than what it is now,

I suppose if worst case scenario in the future, current BP version could be forked, stripped of block elements, and dubbed ClassicBuddy.


For various reasons I recently moved a ClassicPress client from BuddyPress & bbPress to BuddyBoss Platform. Although BuddyBoss is essentially a combined fork of BuddyPress & bbPress it is incompatible with ClassicPress, so I also moved them back to Wp. The issue I had was with the AJAX loading of user feeds so perhaps the older JS/jQuery in CP is the hindrance.

If so, it’s actually easy to deregister the built-in version of jQuery and then enqueue version 3 instead. I do this on several of my sites.

What other issues did you have with this site?