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I’m just about to embark on developing a self hosted repository plugin for ClassicPress and will be using the F(X) Updater as the starting base.

In the first phase I’m going to add in a front end (display) functionality i.e. a listing of themes plus a listing of plugins with associated single view. I then hope to start hacking even further to add functionality to both the backend and frontend to enhance user experience.

Raising it here for the sole purpose of checking if (a) the core team or (b) any other member developer is already working on a similar project. Simply trying to minimise duplication and time wasted :slight_smile:


We are not working on this yet, but it’s something we’ll need (and we’ll need to incorporate it into the core software) for v2.

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Good to hear that @james, I’ve decided to have a hack at it and will share an alpha version soon for evaluation an guidance :slight_smile:

In the meantime, here’s the first impression of the single view for plugins. Themes will have the same view keeping it all consistent.


There are a lot of security features we’ll need in the directory that mean the backend of this is unlikely to be directly relevant, but if we can get some insight into what’s required on the presentation side - especially around dependencies - that’d be really useful.

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I know the directory is sloted for a later date and towards the release of CP V2 but, is there a roadmap somewhere that can give pointers (esp on security and design)?

If not, then can one be set up and be iterated upon as we gear towards the release goal please?

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A lot of the discussion has taken place in this category. It may also make sense to be using the ClassicPress-Research Repo (but that would be a call from @james):


Some initial roadmap/thoughts from @invisnet here: Plugin directory design

Lots of discussion around specific points in this subforum also.

Thanks for starting on this @anon63659058, the design is looking good so far! As Wade says, if you’d like to transfer this over to a repository under, let me know and we’ll get that set up.

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If you start with the WP code, it might be easier than writing from scratch. You can see the wp-content folder and all that is there.
Plugins that manage the data:

Themes for the WP site: