Tim Kaye

This is to announce that I am standing (or running, for those in the US) for the ClassicPress Management Committee of 2020.

I am one of the founder members of ClassicPress, and I contributed to the building of the current ClassicPress theme and website. But I am not a developer by profession. In fact, I’m a law professor, trained in the UK, though I have been living and working in Tampa Bay, Florida since 2005.

Accordingly, my main role in ClassicPress has been to provide legal advice. In that capacity, I have advised on issues relating to ClassicPress Ltd. (the company that manages the ClassicPress finances), copyright (especially on the meaning of the GPL licenses), trademarks, defamation, GDPR, etc.

I have also recently taken on the scheduling, agenda-setting, and chairing of Management Committee meetings.

As we now move on to version 2 of ClassicPress and the creation of a plugin directory, it will be important to make clear where legal responsibilities lie (and for what) so that developers’ and users’ expectations are aligned, and so that the directory becomes the fantastic resource that we all know it has the potential to be.